KEDDO – it is more than just casual shoes. This is a fashion of city streets, escaped from the monotony of everyday life, dynamic and impudent. KEDDO was created for those who are looking for inspiration to create new bold and original images. For those who know what they want and are not afraid to experiment.

Trademark CROSBY was created for people who appreciate not only every minute, but also every second of their life. Brand’s stylish footwear combines functionality, durability and practicality. CROSBY collections include weightless breathable sneakers for fitness, comfortable shoes with thermoregulation for travel and keds from light textile materials for every day.

British youth brand of stylish footwear for modern girls and women who live in the rhythm of the big city. BETSY Girl keeps an eye on musical channels charts and cannot imagine a morning jog without a favorite song; she does not miss beach parties and goes to concerts of popular artists. Therefore, in BETSY shoes we have combined comfortable last with trendy coloured lining, quality materials and bold details.

European brand for men who actively follow the fashion and keep up their image. Giving preference to natural materials, the brand produces a comfortable high-quality footwear that meets the tastes of fans of all styles — from those who choose prim classics, to the supporters of the free from prejudices casual style, to the most ardent fashionistas.

Brand GRUNBERG was acquired by ANALPA together with GRUNBERG GNBH in 2010 to improve access to the West European markets, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s no secret that consumers in Western European markets value comfort. GRUNBERG shoes excee