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Known all around the world, KEDDO is a leading brand in fashionable footwear at an affordable price. An international team of young designers create our cutting-edge collections through global interaction with our followers on social media. We have become an unbeaten, undisputed, heavy-weight champion of the world. 

We customise our collections for each continent; we understand different cultures have different tastes. We rank in the top three leaders in Asia, and sit comfortably in the top 20 global footwear brands. Our shoes can be seen taking centre-stage from boutique windows through to major retail stores, in over 80 countries around the world.

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Two Scottish footballers had a dream to create fashionable trainers with global mass appeal. It is well known that the sports footwear market is dominated by a handful of international leaders. Even if it was possible to emerge as a new brand, it would be more likely with the premium players. However, Crosby is the first to produce fashionable trainers at the same quality, but a fraction of the price of the industry leaders. Working with an Italian designer with 20 years of experience in the field, they were able to develop a unique collection. Today, Crosby is known all around the world. They’re diverse enough to be used for sport, at the gym, on camping trips, and they’re even your pizza delivery man’s footwear of choice!  Who said fashion trainers couldn’t be available to everyone?

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One of the biggest challenges in fashion is to create stunning and elegant pieces that have lasting universal appeal. Conceived in London, hugely successful fashion brand Betsy sets the bar high for heels, boots and sandals. In a world where comfort rules, we create beautiful shoes that are perfect for taking the day in your stride. With massive appeal, Betsy is at home whether you’re in the office, at the shops, or social distancing or enjoying drinks with friends.

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GRUNBERG is an international causal footwear brand, a pioneer in fashion comfort which will keep up with your active lifestyle. Born in Italy, the brand quickly conquered Western Europe, and then the world followed. GRUNBERG is ecofriendly, and most of our shoes are made MicroPolyTex, a breathable water-repellent material. Our limited edition collections are created from the highest quality materials and are manufactured with minimal waste.