Analpa opened a new showroom in China

In October 2023, Analpa hospitably opened the doors of a new modern showroom in Guangzhou, which replaced the previous showroom that closed during the pandemic.

After the opening of China’s borders to foreign visitors, company’s clients asked us for the opportunity to gather all collections available for purchase in one place. This coincided with the high pace of economic development in Guangzhou — fashion business parks and European-style office spaces began to appear in the city. For the convenience and comfort of our valued partners, Analpa chose to open a showroom in one of the most modern complexes in the city center — the Baiyun district — which has become a place of attraction for fashion bloggers and celebrities.

Modern two-story showroom occupies 820 sqm. Thanks to the spacious premises and required technical equipment, White Label clients, their designers and developers, can actively work on their new collections together with our company’s managers and developers. The showroom is also visited by our partners who sell Analpa brands’ shoes and accessories. Thus, more than 100 of the company’s clients visited our new showroom during the latest Canton Fair.

We are glad to see our partners in the new location available 365 days a year. Delicious Chinese teas, Colombian coffee, wine, cheese and other treats that we offer to our guests in the lounge area on the 2nd floor of the showroom help them take a pleasant break in the middle of the work day, and then plunge into the process of creating unique fashionable shoes with renewed vigor.