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It`s crystal clear for everyone that parties are all about fun, playful mood and dancing, and the tassel trend exemplifies all there. Understandably enough, when we go to the party, we want to stand out of the crowd. That`s why we have to come up with some really out-of-the-box ideas, since sequins and crystals will come as no surprise to party animals. What is not to say about tassels. A great advantage of tassels is that they are available in different colours and materials for all tastes. Their popularity took off during last few seasons, so now you can find them on just about everything. Different designers keep adding them to dresses, skirts, bags and even earrings.

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Nevertheless, however bold and bohemian these tasseled pieces look, none of them compares to shoes with this dazzling decoration. Tasseled shoes proved to be a regular at recent fashion weeks and were repeatedly spotted on the runway.

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Celebrities also give preference to shoes with tassels, because they need to be on trend and correspond to the image of keen partygoers. Kate Bosworth, Cara Delevingne and Jamie Chung made it clear that dangly tassels can be attached stylishly to just about every style of shoe, whether it is silver heeled loafers, gladiator sandals or red lace up heels.

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Such tasseled shoes as from our collection will be selling like hot cakes this spring and everyone will be asking their owner where she got them.



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According to EDM Publications, ANALPA is the sixth largest company in the fashion casual footwear segment in the world. ANALPA participates in dozens of international trade fairs and opens new offices in different parts of the world each year. The company’s portfolio includes world-famous brands like KEDDO, BETSY, ELISABETH, CROSBY, TESORO, ID!, Laura Valorosa, Buongiorno, Marcello di Nuove, Mario Avanti, Teenidi and WALZER, which differ by target audience and price segment. In addition, the company has been manufacturing goods under private labels for the leading footwear and apparel operators.
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