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New York Fashion Week is one of four major fashion weeks in the world, collectively known as the ‘Big 4’, along with those in Paris, Milan and London. NYFW is undeniably one of the most influential events in the fashion world, where key trends for the upcoming season are set. Read our forecast of the biggest tendencies for spring-summer 2018.


yellowPhoto via: pinterest.com

There many people who claim that they can`t tolerate yellow in its all shades or that this sunny colour just doesn`t suit them. Forget all these prejudices, because yellow is the most fashionable hue this spring.



sequinsPhoto via: pinterest.com

This season is going to be all about bold prints, embellishments and loads of sequins. Whether attached to evening gowns or small accessories, sequins will inevitably attract everyone`s attention.



lavenderPhoto via: pinterest.com

Lavender will be a close second in colour trends to yellow, but what distinguishes it is an unbeatable femininity which it brings to every garment.



rubberPhoto via: pinterest.com

Rubber has always been the material, which is not that easy to style and wear. However, designers succeeded in taming this capricious fabric and moulded it into unexpectedly stylish and wearable attire.



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ANALPA is a major international company with 25 years’ experience in brand management and one of the global leaders in the segment of fashion casual footwear.
According to EDM Publications, ANALPA is the sixth largest company in the fashion casual footwear segment in the world. ANALPA participates in dozens of international trade fairs and opens new offices in different parts of the world each year. The company’s portfolio includes world-famous brands like KEDDO, BETSY, ELISABETH, CROSBY, TESORO, ID!, Laura Valorosa, Buongiorno, Marcello di Nuove, Mario Avanti, Teenidi and WALZER, which differ by target audience and price segment. In addition, the company has been manufacturing goods under private labels for the leading footwear and apparel operators.
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