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If you are becoming obsessed with old Hollywood star looks or just searching for a stylish alternative to your wool coat, you have probably turned your eyes to fur coats. However, it`s no secret that real fur is a divisive subject, and not only in the fashion world. While some people consider killing animals for fur to be the natural order of things, others are appalled by such a cruel attitude towards living beings. Nonetheless, one thing is certain – due to the development of technology, it`s increasingly difficult to tell the difference between real and fake fur.

So, if you want to have a guilt-free conscience, you should opt for faux fur. Fortunately, its reputation of being cheap, sticky and matted material has diminished. Deprived of the stigma once attached to it, faux fur was one of the most popular materials seen on the runway this season. Numerous fashion designers keep singing its praises, since they don’t see why you’d wear real fur when faux fur isn`t any worse — it’s just as soft and warm, it holds color even better, and it doesn’t get dusty.

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When buying a faux fur coat, you should keep in mind several factors.

  • Smooth texture
    The first sign of the quality of faux fur is its softness. What`s more, it shouldn`t create static electricity.
  • No moulting
    The second step is to test whether it is sticking to your clothes like as if you were holding a cat or rabbit. Just run your hand on the surface of the fur and check how many of villi stay on your palm.
  • Label
    Because the content really matters. Faux fur coats made of modal tend to look more natural and authentic.
  • No smell
    Low-quality fake fur has a distinctive smell of chemicals, which won`t leave the product even after the wash.

All in all, faux fur coats have evolved into garments that look pretty luxurious, remarkably affordable, super-warm, and animal-friendly. Additionally, paired with such boots with artificial fur roll-downs from our winter collection, your coat will look even more eye-catching and elegant.



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According to EDM Publications, ANALPA is the sixth largest company in the fashion casual footwear segment in the world. ANALPA participates in dozens of international trade fairs and opens new offices in different parts of the world each year. The company’s portfolio includes world-famous brands like KEDDO, BETSY, ELISABETH, CROSBY, TESORO, ID!, Laura Valorosa, Buongiorno, Marcello di Nuove, Mario Avanti, Teenidi and WALZER, which differ by target audience and price segment. In addition, the company has been manufacturing goods under private labels for the leading footwear and apparel operators.
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