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When flicking through fashion magazines or skimming popular fashion blogs, one will realize that tweed is one of the most talked-about trends of this autumn. This heritage fabric got a truly high-fashion makeover and was used for the creation of the AW 2018/19 collections by Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Prada.
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The woolen textile is perhaps the most associated with the fashion brand Chanel, because in 1925, its founder Gabrielle Chanel introduced this material into her new collection for the first time and, since then, tweed became a hallmark of the brand. Nonetheless, tweed is much older than one may think – its origin goes back to the medieval history of Scotland and Ireland, where it was widely used as a traditional outerwear material.

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For the new season, we will see tweed everywhere – from coats and suits to accessories and footwear, such as shoes, boots and even trainers. So, why this fabric became the epitome of elegance? The answer is self-evident – this everlasting trend manages to carry its upscale image through years, at the same time being versatile enough to serve as a source of inspiration for emerging brands and designers.

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